Why should you boycot American Apparel?

The following images come directly from http://www.americanapparel.net:

1. “Porn Stars in My Underwear”
“It’s all destructive and debilitating and morally dubious, the fact that the oddly patriotic clothing company called American Apparel dares to photograph barely of-age girls and boys in sly, smiling, half-lidded, gritty, delightfully sexy poses in order to sell socks and underwear and T-shirts.”

2. “Living on the Edge At American Apparel”
“Charney feels free to engage in consensual sexual relationships with his staff. “I’ve had relationships, loving relationships, that I’m proud of,” he says. “I think it’s a First Amendment right to pursue one’s affection for another human being’.”

3. “Don Charney and Google”
“Well, because Dov Charney likes to masturbate. A lot. In front of women. And female reporters. He also has no problem walking around nude or covered by just a small towel. He also likes taking pictures of his scantily clad models. Oh… and he’s slept with his employees.”

4. “Sexy Sweats Without the Sweatshop”
“[Charney] is intent on getting the awareness with the billboards, but with some people the perception is that this guy is engaging in pedophilia by virtue by having fairly young girls in pornographic positions,” said Clarke. “Yes there are freedoms, but there are also responsibilities. This seems irresponsible.”

5. “American Apparel: All Sweaty”
“The brains and brilliance behind the brand, Charney’s behavior (such as masturbating for a Jane magazine reporter) can only be described as “misguidedly rock-n-roll” (and potentially actionable). And while it does seem that his maniacal antics actually appeal to some lowest-common-denominator hipster ironists, it could someday hurt the brand.”

6. “Porn Pushers or Youth Prophets”
“Media Watch founder Ann Simonton says it might be time for a boycott. “This is beyond ‘sex sells.’ It goes to a level of humiliation.” In fact, she says the ads stem from the same branch of reality porn as “humilitainment,” the kind that stages drive-by gang rapes but tries to make them look real.”

7. “Working at American Apparel Is All It’s Coked Up to Be”
“You have probably heard all sorts of stories about how Dov Charney, the insane Canadian who founded American Apparel, masturbated in front of a reporter, berated girls for not finding him hot enough “pussy” with which to staff his stores, took certain female retail employees as glorified concubines whom he would house in special American Apparel apartments and whose shitty retail wages he would subsidize with special allowances. Also sometimes these retail employees would give him blow jobs, and also sometimes other employees would be invited to watch.”


If you find this kind of behavior unacceptable, and do not want to support American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, do not purchase anything from American Apparel until it stops.

Get a free Boycott American Apparel Sticker by clicking the following link:

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